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7-11 & OK (HK)

Please notice :

This service is also provide by sf-express.

But there has size limitation for the parcel. The parcel can't exceed : Max volume is 30x25x20cm or weight 5kg.
(The winter coat or 2 pair of shoes are already exceeded the volume, please don't choose to pick up the parcel at 7-11 or OK shop if the volume or weight is exceeded the maximum limitation.) 
There is size limitation : max volume is 30x25x20cm,  and max weight is under 5kg
You should input the sf-express shop address in the shipping address at the checkout page: 
The following is correct address format for your reference.
香港上環荷李活道123號荷李活華庭地下3號鋪 7-Eleven (852M1007)  <--- 7-11 shop address plus the shop code, you can find the shop code at http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/deliver/delivery_tools/self_pickup_self_dropoff/
For detailed information, you can check the sf-express webstie :

Goods comment

  • wi... 2007-10-12 05:33:58

    Dear Ryan
    Your services is quite interesting, I would like to provide the webhosting. How the setup cost from your side if I choose your fashion cart template?

    Customer service reply:

    Please leave your mobile phone and email to me. I will contact you later.
    Thank you!

  • 胭脂... 2007-08-12 04:24:15


    Customer service reply:


    沒有啊... 你要訂衣衣的話, 在本站訂都可以, 我可以用快遞寄給你, 首重是35元, 以後每1kg是20元

    你是想建立購物網站? 還是想購衣服的?
    如果須要建設購物網站, 我們有中國國內的主機, 可以幫你建立購物網站! 詳情發電郵來查詢!

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