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本站是正當地在網上銷售韓國時裝! 並沒有欺騙過任何客人!

但是現在網上炸騙案時有發生, 一般都是買家使用假或偷回來的信用卡!
本站如有發現客戶使用假信用卡或非法使用他人的信用卡, 本站必定追究到底!
另外也有一些無聊的人會作出攻擊本站, 本站會把有關資料交由警方處理!


This website is selling Korean Fashion and we are running this business legitimately.
However, we find that some people may use a stolen credit card and shopping here and sometimes there are some people attack our website.
If we find the buyers who are doing fraud transaction, we will post all his/her personal information here, public media and call the police to follow the case.

Please behave yourself and don't do any harmful things on others.

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